John's Equipment

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Signature Bass Guitar

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“I’m very grateful for my long standing relationship with Yamaha basses. It has been a pleasure to design instruments with them all of these years. We’re working on a new bass right now!”

Signature Strap


“I love the warmth and clarity of all my Aguilar amplifiers and speaker cabinets. I’ve also been using their preamps and pickups in my most recent Yamaha custom basses.”

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Aguilar Bass Amps

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“I was so happy to be able to collaborate with Dr. Randy Kertz on my signature strap with Gruv Gear. It’s very comfortable and kind to your body.”

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D'Addario Strings

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“I’ve been with D’Addario strings for many decades now and I love the feel and clarity of all their strings.”

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Pirastro Strings

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“I’ve been blessed to be associated with Pirastro strings for my acoustic basses. Their strings give me the versatility to play all types of music, whether it be pizzicato or arco.”

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David Gage String Instruments

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“I have been partnering with David Gage for decades and I am very grateful for his fantastic work on my instruments and the products that he has developed for the bass. The new Lifeline Realist pickup is my favorite pickup."